The Story of Depressive Witches


Depressive Witches is a black metal project started in 2018 by two brothers who decided to make noise in a small town of Picardy, during a cold winter. In this lost place boarded by forest and fields, making an extreme symphony was the only thing we wanted to express. 



During the lockdown in march/april 2020, DW seriously wrote their first album, “Bad Flask”. A special routine started : hiking in the woods then writing a lot of riffs according to our various feelings. The result wasn’t a classic black metal but a mix of so many influences, from traditional black metal to punk, from punk to heavy metal. Nature and mental health were the engine of creation.

Bad Flask was recorded at Blackout Studio in Brussels by Jonas Sanders (Emptiness, Pro-Pain, Resistance…) and Ivan Houben in 1 week then released independently the 2nd June 2020. In 2021, Depressive Witches was for the first time interviewed by legendary metal radio “Metal Messiah Radio”.



The band is focused on witchcraft and epic stories. Themes of war, battles, sacrifice, evil and magic are recurrent, the point of view is always different : the bad one, the good one, the omniscient, the hero, the witch… Melodies can easily change and are in total concordance with the music.



A first tour is scheduled in eastern Europe in february 2022 and will be the result of tons of rehearsals and passion for the scene. October 13th is announced that Depressive Witches will play its first festival at Wetzikon (CH) for Black Hole Fest 2022.



The Depressive Witches soul is also the brotherhood and blood links between the two members. A deep connexion with a total loyalty and dedication to art. Our goal is to show our vision of extreme music : epic and rock’n’roll.