The Story of Depressive Witches

Black Metal band Depressive Witches was formed in 2018 in Picardy, France by brothers Sick Bab on vocals and guitar, and Torvuus on guitars and drums. Linked by both blood and a passion for black and extreme metal, creating music together was only natural.

In 2021, they released their debut album “Bad Flask”, which leaned heavily into the traditional black metal influences of the duo and contained lyrical themes revolving around witchcraft, curses, and epic fights. The release was recorded by Jonas Sanders & Ivan Houben, and mixed/mastered by Jonas Sanders at Blackout Studio, in Brussels.

2022 witnesses a new album from the band "Distant Kingdoms" again recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonas Sanders. In contrast to the first album, it pays homage to its rock influences and contains more solos and clean vocals. An anomaly in the black metal scene, it is a mix of black metal, punk, heavy metal, joyful & darkened riffs, like black’n’roll but more festive and epic. Lyrically it looks into adventures, magic battles/war, and high fantasy which take inspiration from RPG video games with medieval themes, nature, and black magic.

In 2023, Depressive Witches started a new tour called "Dark Spells Tour", and crossed 6 countries all over Europe, in clubs and festivals.

In 2024, the band is back with a third studio album named “Lost Forgotten and Heartbroken”. As in the previous albums, the band explores a mix of old school black metal, rock’n’roll riffs and epic sonorities. Focused on pessimism and melancholy, this new full-lenght is described by the band as more personal and intimate. As usual, all the music has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonas Sanders (Pro-Pain, Emptiness…) at Blackout Studio, Brussels. “Lost Forgotten and Heartbroken” is available in limited CD version and on all streaming platforms.